Men’s accessories: 3 tips for wearing bracelets

Men’s accessories are seen by some as feminine, but historically the most powerful men would wear bracelets, rings and other accessories. Today, shops like The Noble Circle are soaring in popularity as more and more modern men see the appeal of accessorising with bracelets. Below are some pointers on wearing your bracelets right. 

Men’s accessories should compliment their clothes

Choosing a bracelet that goes with your favourite suit is a must. This can mean matching the colour to your tie, or having a simple polished silver or gold design like those stocked at The Noble Circle. Just remember that not every style of bracelet will work with all your clothes. 

Men’s accessories should reflect their characteristics 

Whether you are a powerful executive, beach-dwelling surfer or stylish Goth - the bracelet you choose needs to reflect your personality and status. Minimalistic dark beads or simple silver chains like the ones sold at The Noble Circle are good choices if you are unsure. 

Men’s accessories should not be overdone 

While you can wear multiple thin bracelets on both your wrists, make sure they are all in a similar style to keep your look stylish. 

Keep these fashion tips in mind the next time you shop for men’s accessories at The Noble Circle and other bracelet retailers.